May 3, 2017

You were not born to snooze: how to become a morning person

One of the best advice we ever got to boost our productivity: wake up early in the morning. In this fun episode you will find randomness as usual but also our reasons behind waking up early (6am…or even earlier) and 4 easy steps you can start use from tomorrow and finally. While looking each other in the eyes (we are in the same room for once!) we talk about how waking up early has profoundly changed our lives. 


01:14 Intro

05:50 Casa Simone

10:20 Casa Claudio

18:38 How to become a morning person

21:30 Three benefits of waking up early

30:15 Four steps to become a morning person

39:30 What books we are reading

42:15 Outro



Books we mention: 


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