May 20, 2017

What I learned on Productivity, Diet and Sex [Rebroadcast]

This is a rebroadcast of an old episode we did a year ago: What 200+ Self-Help books have taught me on Productivity, Diet and Sex. Thank you to Dinglecast for letting us publish it again! 

And thank you Sasha Skull for the new, amazing logo! 

In this episode we talk about a lot of different themes, including the best diets, dating, productivity tips, how to find your inner strength, when to find time to read and many many more.


[2:10] Casa Claudio

[7:20] Casa Simone

[10:30] What books we are reading

[20:00] Intro to the episode

[23:40] "What 200 Self Help Books have taught me on Productivity, Diet and Sex" where we talk about, among other things:

First steps into self-improvement books
How he lost +10 kilos by changing his diet
The food pyramid was invented for the survival of a kingdom
A beginner’s mindset can help you become expert
"Double your dating" and other confidence exercises
How your body and friends will sabotage you, protecting you from changing
The "pomodoro technique" or how to get shit done and Facebook less
The problem is often not flying too high, but flying too low.
Is talking about sex still a taboo?

Books we are reading: 

Podcast we dig:


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