March 25, 2017

Travel smart: Fly Like a Pro

Another incredibly beautiful, messy and packed episode from The Double Espresso Show! 

We have a new name, new jingles for our CASA-sections and a whole hour talking about the best way to buy plane tickets, how to pack your luggage like a pro, fly in the best possible place and once at destination, where to sleep.

There is a dope review of Shoe Dog, a small spoiler on the movie Arrival and there are also a lot of anecdotes and funny stories, like that one time Simone was forced to get drunk to help a fellow passenger make it to The Netherlands without dying.


3:20 Casa Claudio

6:25 Casa Simone

10:20 Intro to Travel Smart

12:20 Pre-Travel (Where to, booking, packing)

34:50 Flying smart

39:00 The movie Arrival spoiler (I know, it's a bit random, but you've been warned!)

48:00 At destination

57:20 What books we are reading / Shoe Dog review

1:01:00 Outro



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