July 4, 2017

Should you follow your passions?

Conventional wisdom says that we should do what we love. But, more importantly, you need to stay committed to doing what you love. We are constantly being told that we should persevere and soldier on, even if at first it seems too hard. Despite all this emphasis on working hard and keeping at it, however, we don’t really believe that it will get us to the top. In our heart of hearts, we know that it’s talent, not perseverance, that gets people to the top.

Talent is overrated. What you really need is grit and determination.

Let’s dig more into it.


7:10 Casa Claudio

17:32 Casa Simone

29:11 Intro: What is Grit

36:50 Grit: a month might not be enough

40:30 What is SISU

42:40 5 questions to find out your Grit score

50:00 The 3 books Claudio is writing


Useful links from the episode: 

Angela Duckworth TED talk

Angela Duckworth: Why Passion and relience are the secrets to success 

How to calculate your grit: https://angeladuckworth.com/grit-scale/


Books we are reading: 

Norse Mithology by Neil Gaiman

New York by Edward Rutherfurd



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