April 9, 2017

Should you buy a fitness tracker?

Should you buy an Apple Watch?

Today we talk about Italians being scared of the police, of american stealing credit cards, of Ikea and Hasfit.com, and this all before diving into the main subject: the (healthy?) addiction fitness trackers give you. And do scales really need bluetooth (spoiler: yes)?

Most importantly, we answer the biggest life-questions of all time: what is Simone fat percentage? And has Claudio finally finished The Green Mile?


04:15 Casa Claudio

11:40 Casa Simone

16:30 Fitness Trackers intro - Scales

22:00 Apple Watch serie 2: should you buy it or not?

27:30 Measure to improve or addiction?

37:05 What books are we reading

40:25 Outro


Devices we mention:


Books we mention: 



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