May 15, 2017

36 reasons to break up… or to fall in love

This is a good exercise you can do with a partner or anybody you want to build more intimacy with. We ask each other 36 very intimate questions and keep your tissues around because this episode will make you cry.


This episode is inspired by one of our listener, so thank you so much for proposing it to us.

1:35 Intro

2:55 Casa Claudio

5:50 Casa Simone

11:48 Set One: questions such as

“Given anyone in the world, who would you want to have dinner with?”

“What constitute a perfect day for you?”

“How do you think will you die”

26:45: Set Two: questions such as

“What is your greatest accomplishment?”

“What do you value in a friendship?”

“If you knew you would die in one year you would die, what would you change in your life?”

40:00 “Did you have a happy childhood?”

45:35 Set three:


“What do you like about each other”


“What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?”


“When was the last time you cried and why”

You can get the 36 questions here: New York Times

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